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Created on 2009-04-21 03:20:24 (#109103), last updated 2017-02-12 (35 weeks ago)

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Name:The lesbian community @ dreamwidth!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The community for lesbians on dreamwidth
Welcome to [community profile] lesbian!

In trying to come up with a non-cheesy introductory paragraph, I find myself failing miserably. Maybe in the future the community can come up with a good way to introduce the community as a whole.

This community is intended for anyone who is and supports those who identify as lesbians primarily. Bisexuals are also welcome, however! Men are also welcome in a supporting role, however please realize that "dude, I like chicks" does not make you a lesbian: you are a straight male.

If you would like to make an introductory post saying who you are and anything else you'd like, please feel free!

Dreamwidth is still in open beta, so communities in general seem to be a bit slow, but hopefully that will work out in time and we can move forward!

Community Rules as borrowed from [community profile] trans (in no particular order):
1.) Please speak from your own experiences and avoid speaking for others.
2.) Please try to keep criticism constructive.
3.) Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated here, nor will prejudice against any generalized group of people (i.e. homophobia/heterosexism, racism, classism, sexism, etc.).
4.) Very long posts (over 40 lines) and posts which contain any images should use a cut tag or the post may be deleted.
5.) Do not change the font, size or color of the text in your post. It makes your post more difficult to read and does not make anyone more likely to read it. Similarly, bold, italic, and underline are used to add emphasis to specific bits of text; do not use any of them on your entire post. This defeats their purpose and has the same effect as changing the size or color of your text. Posts which violate this rule may be removed at the discretion of the maintainers.
6.) If you have a response to a specific post, respond in the comments section of that post; do not make a new post to follow up on any discussion that is less than a week old. If you feel the need to heavily revise your post, add a note that says you have done so, and why (e.g., 'Post heavily revised in response to comments', 'Post heavily revised after doing some more thinking', etc.). Similarly, don't continue conversations from a previous post in someone else's unrelated post.
7.) Please keep posts at least somewhat related to lesbian issues.
8.) Posts that are greatly off-topic or that advertise irrelevant communities, blogs, products, etc., will be removed. This includes posts that are blatant advertisements thinly disguised as relevant posts, and posts which are essentially personal journal posts.
9.) Requests for donations/money are not allowed.
10.) Anything sexually explicit and/or not work safe should be behind a cut tag, with a note in front of the tag indicating why it's been cut. Links to sites, communities, etc. that are sexually explicit and/or not work safe should be indicated as such.
11.) Please do not screen or disable comments on any post. Individuals who have screened the comments on their post will be reminded of this rule and given the chance to correct it. Posts with comments disabled will be removed.
12.) Don't delete stuff. Deleting posts and comments makes it awkward to work out what happened and who said what in the event of a dispute. If you need to delete a comment to make an edit to it (such as correcting a hyperlink) before replies are made, that's generally fine, but apart from that, don't delete stuff. Persistent deleters may be removed from the community. Deleting other people's comments is especially antisocial and is likely to result in removal from the community. If you are the author of a post and feel you want to delete it for privacy reasons, please contact a community maintainer first.
13.) When reposting or linking to stories from other sources, including links to your own blog posts, additional commentary or summarization relating to the externally sourced content and its relevance to [community profile] lesbian is strongly encouraged.

In situations where we feel there is a problem, or a violation of the community rules, administrators will use discretion in dealing with it. There can be a fine line between robust debate and flaming. If someone is a "persistent offender", they are less likely to be given the benefit of the doubt.

Administrators are listed below! We will set up a way to contact us off-community shortly; until then, sending a PM through dreamwidth is acceptable.
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